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Merci !

Je ne savais pas vraiment à quoi m’attendre de cette opération « vente de linogravures au profit de l’Australie« . Je suis très heureuse de voir que l’art peut aussi faire la différence ! Et contente que certains de mes petits animaux aient trouvé leur place sur vos murs !


SOS Australia (english)

Australia is on fire. And my heart is burning with.

Back 5 years ago. Ben and I were about to hit the road on board a shiny yellow van we’d been lovingly setting up. More precisely, on the 25th of January, we were fixing the last electronic bits, ready to live the craziest adventures !

Because of the very special, mostly endemic, fauna and flora, Australia sounds to us like a magic tale out of a giant island. That was one of the reasons we chose to cross half of the globe. Our curiosity and our wonder kept growing as we were discovering more and more of this incredible country. Between the beauty of the nature and the human richness of the encounters, this journey remains engraved in me, as a deep inspiration source in my life and my creation.

So today I want to do something for Australia. But I need your help.

When I came back home in 2016, I carved 6 linocuts inspired by the fauna and the graphic lines and patterns of Aboriginal Art of Australia. Until now, I’ve only printed them on fabric (limited series of 50 T-shirts).

Today, I am printing a new special limited edition on paper (15 prints of each), as a fundraiser for 2 different Australia Wildlife Rescue Organisations : Wires (New South Wales) and Wildlife Victoria.

The price of the print is $AU50 (or $US38 or €35). Feel free to give more if you wish.
Linoprint size : 19 x 19 cm
Paper size : 25 x 25 cm

Here is how to proceed (to avoid the maximum fees in transactions and conversions, as the idea is to help wildlife, not banks…) :

If you pay in an other currency than Euro :

1) Make your donation directly to one of the following organisations :
Wildlife Victoria
following the links you’ll end up straight on their donation page

2) Send me an e-mail ( with :
– a receipt of your donation (you can take a pic)
– the linoprint you want
– your name and delivery address

If you pay in Euro :

1) Send me your donation either :
– by Paypal clicking here
– by fund transfer downloading my IBAN here

2) Send me an e-mail ( with :
– the linoprint you want
– your name and delivery address

I send the prints once a week until the fundraising is closed, on the 22nd of February.

On the 24th of February, I proceed to the final donation to Wires of the amount raised minus the shipping fees.

Shipping fees included. Standard shipping, untracked (if you’d like a tracking, please add 2 € to your donation and notice me by e-mail).

Thank you to take care of our Dear Planet.